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Speak Stories

Read and Speak-Up! Interactive Stories in English - Group Online class, Pay Weekly

Read and Speak-Up! Interactive Stories in English - Group Online class, Pay Weekly


Drag-n-Drop Stories | Communicate Naturally | Get Creative

Beginner-Start. Pause/Resume Anytime

flexible subscription plan* 

*To learn more about the benefits of the flexible subscription plan, please visit the "How do payments work?" section at the bottom of the product page.

Pricing: For group sessions, the price is $15 person. In the Your Questions at the bottom of the product page you can find more details.

Overview: Practice reading with interactive story scenes. Move illustrations to speak, create, and discover different scenarios while reading. Develop your comprehension, expression, and creativity, as well as your logic, strategy, and problem-solving skills. 

Our promise to you:

⭐ Receive weekly assignments via by email.
⭐ Read, role-play, and speak-up from day one.
⭐ Get personalized feedback and support from instructors.
⭐ 100% Happiness Guarantee refunds! (after each lesson)

All our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching languages online. They are either certified or have a Masters degree in language education or related fields. They are also native speakers of the languages they teach, from the USA and Canada. You can trust them to provide you with personalized feedback and support throughout your learning journey.

Class experience

Enter a play-n-learn environment.

Let's play life using 🖼️ visuals & 🚀props to help us read.

What skills will we work on?
Phonemic awareness; Phonic skill development; Context reading; tactile learning

Our stories are in rhyme format with lovable characters.

Stories are about friendship, kindness, and building mental awareness and strength!

The visuals will allow the little ones to drag-n-drop, circle and trace -- while reading our rhyme stories.

1. Phonemic awareness is the first step to learning how to read. Phonemic awareness is auditory. While speaking (about the visuals in our story) we will develop phonemic awareness to decode sounds in a word. Phonemic awareness helps learners identify the sounds in a word such as "sheep." There are three sounds in "sh-ee-p." The goal is to isolate new words for phonemic awareness.

2. Next, we will develop our phonic skills. Phonic skill development is in written form. Learners identify written sounds as one or two letter sounds within a word. The goal is to read the same words used during phonemic awareness.

With the help of "context reading" learners will, from the visuals, isolate objects and label them with words.

3. Yippee! Now we can read 3-5 word sentences using the words we read earlier together in the lesson.

Simulation samples:
1. Open-the-magic-box (words of the day)
2. Use interactive visuals (day's adventure)
3. Drag-n-drop while reading a rhyme
4. Role-play with imaginary characters and props
5. White board (write a letter, word chunk, or sight word)

Build speech confidence skills while reading:
1. Give time for each child to speak up about the rhyme... For example ask: "Is that funny?"
2. Active listening and reinforcement by instructor... For example ask: "Why do you not like the bird?"
3. Role-play to develop empathy... For example ask: "Why is the duck, monster, friend scared?"
4. Encourage child to initiate / respond / follow-up in a conversation... For example ask: "What do you think will happen next?"
5. Encourage opinions and creative thoughts... For example ask: "Is the frog happy or sad?"

How we build reading skills:
1. Read sight words (words read in "one-go" without sounding out individual letters. These are high frequency words.)
2. Recognize silent letters (underline the silent letters)
3. Read word chunks (like: ch, sh, th, wh or "cat" in catch)
4. label vowel team patterns (like: ai, ee, ew) and more...


Sample class 1
Join two-8-year-old siblings in their magical bedrooms.
1. Read the word then search: Where is the main character's pets and lost toys?
2. Read word then tidy up: Tidy-up the bedroom together
3. Read the word then drag-n-drop to the correct window: What is the weather outside?
4. Read 4-7 word sentences that rhyme!!

Sample class 2
Sneak into the kitchen and decorate a cake.
1. Read the word then select what is in the fridge
2. Read the word then decorate the cake with fruits and flowers
3. Read the color then move the balloon on the ceiling.
4. Read 4-7 word sentences that rhyme!!

This is an inclusive class for learners to meet one another and make friends -- everyone is welcome!

Join the adventures now!

Your Questions

◼ What is the story-line about?

Join two 8-year-old siblings, as they escape mysterious creatures hidden in closets to enter a magical world of clues and discoveries. There, they face survival challenges that help them learn to speak naturally and creatively in the target language. You can follow their adventures and create your own stories with them.

You will practice how to express your needs, ask for help, and find solutions when you are hungry, thirsty, sleepy, or lost. The siblings travel using their red toy car as a rocket, to different places around the world and beyond. They bring their favorite pets along with them. They encounter story challenges that test their imagination and courage.

◼ Any class sample topics?

CLASS SAMPLE #1: Enter a child's magical bedroom
• What is under the bed and outside the window?
• Can you find any pets or toys?
• How would you rearrange the furniture in the bedroom?

CLASS SAMPLE #2: Enter the kitchen at night
• What do you want to eat when you open the fridge door?
• Let's decorate a cake with fruits and flowers
• How would you set up the dinner table with the dishes and utensils you have?

CLASS SAMPLE #3: Turn a toy car into a rocket
• Where do you want to travel -- to the moon or stars?
• Do you want to go left or/ right?
• What do you need: water, food, or shelter?
• Sound of the day | sight word

CLASS SAMPLE #4: Run through a maze to escape
• Street directions - escaping a maze
• Asking where is vs. where are
• Words of the day: left vs right (east vs west)
• Sound of the day | sight word

◼ What will I learn?

You will:
• Perform basic survival tasks such as: hunger, sleep, thirst, and getting lost.
Speak phrases and sentences to communicate basic needs and preferences in the target language.
• Identify and name different settings with high accuracy.
• Recognize letters and sight words while speaking in the target language.

◼ How is this multisensory?

You will:

Drag-N-Drop: Move the illustrations, while speaking, and build story scenes. (Boosts your creativity and fluency)
Play Guessing Games: Match words with images while guessing (Makes learning more fun and interactive)
Secret hand codes: Code with both hands. Coding helps to organize thoughts and understand grammar while speaking out loud.

◼ What are the micro-assignments?

Enjoy 10-Minute Assignments in your inbox. You will play vocab-games, guess, compare, and build weekly micro-scenes while speaking. Receive weekly feedback from your instructor.

◼ What is our flexible enrollment plan?

• You can enroll to our course and pay weekly through PayPal. The payment is automatic and secure.
You can unenroll at any time if you need a break or want to change your learning pace. You won't be charged for the weeks that you are not enrolled.
You can re-enroll whenever you want and resume your learning from where you left off.
• This is an ongoing class that covers one level of speaking skills. You can choose to continue to the next level after completing the current one.

Our flexible enrollment plan gives you the freedom and convenience to learn according to your needs and preferences.

How payments are made:

• Use PayPal with any major credit card or debit card, such as: Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
• You can also pay with PayPal without having a Paypal account.

◼ What is your refund policy?

Enjoy our 100% refund policy.

  • Full refund after the first week's enrollment.

Purchase with peace of mind.

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