Our Story

Our primary focus is speech.

You make decisions and choices in your target language; just like you do in real-life!
Curious? Discover how.

Our method uses the flipped classroom setting for language retention. You throw, we catch! ⚽🏓

Learn a new language with interactive story pieces. Move illustrations to speak, create, and discover different scenarios in a target language.

Develop your comprehension, expression, and creativity, as well as your logic, strategy, and problem-solving skills.

Our motto: "Speak, create, and explore with Speakstories.com".

All our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching languages online. They are either certified or have a Masters degree in language education or related fields. They are also native speakers of the languages they teach, from the USA and Canada. You can trust them to provide you with personalized feedback and support throughout your learning journey.

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