Our Story

Quick facts:
1. Our primary focus is speech. 
2. We teach both asynchronously and synchronously
3. Our methods include: tactile learning, active recall, TPR, and natural speech in a creative setting.

​In comes 21st century interactive learning. You make decisions and choices, in your target language, just like you do in real-life! Curious? Discover how! 💪

This multisensory, online class, lets young learners drag-n-drop, circle and trace while experiencing "controlled natural speech."

Digitally re-build scenes,  like Lego, while speaking. 

Make the world your playground. 🏰

Immerse into a pretend world where imagination rules.

Character role-play and props are the norm. 🚀

Our method uses the flipped classroom setting for language retention. You throw, we catch! ⚽🏓

More on us:
1. Three Ivy League schools and the United Nations recommend our learning materials to their students
2. We use the latest language acquisition methods including: natural speech, multisensory learning, TPR, and active recall.
3. Founders have a M.A. in education & 20 years language teaching experience; plus, Technology & Management at Columbia University combined.


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Enaya Gad

Speak Stories Contributor