Law #8: Beyond Grades: The Power of Self-Assessments

Law #8: Beyond Grades: The Power of Self-Assessments

At we use project-based assignments and self-assessments. Learning a language is more than just memorizing words and grammar rules. It is about expressing yourself and understanding others while exploring new ways of thinking. 

Project-based assessments are assignments that require you to apply your language skills to real-world scenarios, such as creating a story, making a presentation, or having a conversation. You will receive feedback from your instructors and peers on your performance, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Self-assessments are opportunities for you to reflect on your own learning process, goals, and achievements. You will also set your own learning objectives and action plans for the future.

We do not use quizzes or tests to grade you, but we do use games with scores. We think that learning should be enjoyable to capture the full extent of your language abilities and potential. We use a holistic and personalized approach, where we consider your effort, improvement, and creativity, as well as your accuracy and fluency. We want you to enjoy learning a language and feel confident and motivated to speak it.

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