Law #7: Memorize by movement!

Law #7: Memorize by movement!

Movement and memorization are often overlooked or undervalued in traditional education. However, research suggests that promoting movement in young children can help increase memory, attention, emotion and even decision making. Movement can also enhance the learning experience by making it more engaging, interactive, and fun.

To memorize better, you need to move and interact. Our classes are fun and engaging. Here are some ways we will move:

Drag-N-Drop: Move the illustrations, while speaking, and build story scenes. (Boosts your creativity and fluency)
Off Screen Props: Used by instructor to help with comprehension and vocabulary. (Makes learning more fun and interactive)
Secret hand codes: Code with both hands. Coding helps to organize thoughts and understand grammar while speaking out loud.
Circle and Find: Find hidden objects on the screen by circling them. (Enhances your attention and listening skills)
Trace Letters: Trace the letters of the day or sight words on a paper or a board. (Improves your reading and writing skills)

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