Law #1: Start with natural speech

Law #1: Start with natural speech

We use natural speech:

• Natural speech can stimulate our curiosity and interest that is relevant to our immediate needs. This can help us expand our communicative competence faster than out of context speech.

• Natural speech can challenge us to produce the language in a fluent and accurate way by engaging us in interactive and collaborative tasks that require us to negotiate meaning and exchange information. 

We use active recall:

Active recall is giving learners enough time to think and speak. Teachers have to give language learners enough time to retrieve information while attempting to speak in the target language. Some of the ways that teachers can do this are:

• Providing scaffolding and support, such as giving hints, cues, prompts, or feedback. This can help language learners activate their prior knowledge and access the relevant information.

Reducing the cognitive load, such as simplifying the tasks, breaking them down into smaller steps, or repeating them with variations. This can help language learners focus on the essential information and avoid being overwhelmed.

Creating a positive and supportive environment, such as encouraging risk-taking, praising effort, or celebrating success. This can help language learners build their confidence and motivation and reduce their anxiety and stress. 

How we use natural speech and active recall in our classes:

In our classes, we combine natural speech and active recall to help you learn a language effectively and enjoyably. Natural speech means that you speak in a natural way, without worrying too much about grammar rules or mistakes. Active recall means that you try to remember and use the words and phrases that you have learned, without looking at notes or books. These two strategies can help you improve your memory and fluency, as well as your confidence and motivation.

We design our classes to be interactive and engaging, with a focus on everyday situations and topics. We use stories, games, dialogues, and role-plays to create realistic and fun scenarios where you can practice your speaking skills. We also give you plenty of time and opportunities to speak, so that you can express yourself freely and creatively. We provide you with feedback and support, but we also encourage you to take risks and experiment with the language.

By using natural speech and active recall in our classes, we aim to make language learning a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed while speaking, and to have fun while learning. We believe that this is the best way to learn a language, and we hope that you will join us in this journey.

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