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• 30 minutes per lesson, twice a week.

• $20 USD per lesson, $40 USD per week for adults.

• Up to 4 learners per group.

• Adults are 18 and over.

• 30 minutes per lesson, twice a week.

• $15 USD per lesson, $30 USD per week for children.

• Up to 4 learners per group.

• Children are 17 and under.


How Group Language Classes Save You Money and Boost Your Skills:

• Speak with others in realistic situations

• Listen to your peers and learn from mistakes and corrections

• Interact with others to develop social and communication skills

• Reduce the cost of sessions while benefiting from the group

• Enjoy and have fun while learning  with others

At Speak Stories, we specialize in group language classes because we know they are the best way to learn a new language.

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