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TRIAL: Read & Speak-Up! Drag-N-Drop Stories in English (Online class, Pay Weekly)

TRIAL: Read & Speak-Up! Drag-N-Drop Stories in English (Online class, Pay Weekly)

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This is a 25 minute trial lesson. 
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Drag, drop, circle -- while reading rhymes!

❥ Read, read, read from day-one

❥ Role-play and decrypt props

❥ Experience an imaginary world

Our promise to you:

⭐ Weekly, receive progress summaries by email.
⭐ Weekly, see progress or money back! (after each lesson)


Class experience

🔴 Enter a play-n-learn environment.

Let's play life using 🖼️ visuals & 🚀props to help us read.

Start, stop, and restart this class whenever needed.

METHODS USED: Phonemic awareness; Phonic skill development; Context reading; tactile learning

WHAT IS THE STORY ABOUT? The story is ongoing, in easy rhyme format, with lovable characters.

Stories are about friendship, kindness, and building mental awareness and strength!

The visuals will allow the little ones to drag-&-drop, circle & trace -- while reading our rhyme stories‼️

1. Phonemic awareness is the first step to learning how to read. Phonemic awareness is auditory. While speaking (about the visuals in our story) we will develop phonemic awareness to decode sounds in a word. Phonemic awareness helps learners identify the sounds in a word such as "sheep." There are three sounds in "sh-ee-p." The goal is to isolate new words for phonemic awareness.

2. Next, we will develop our phonic skills. Phonic skill development is in written form. Learners identify written sounds as one or two letter sounds within a word. The goal is to read the same words used during phonemic awareness.

With the help of "context reading" learners will, from the visuals, isolate objects and label them with words.

3. Yippee! Now we can read 3-5 word sentences using the words we read earlier together in the lesson.

Simulation samples:
1. Open-the-magic-box (words of the day)
2. Use interactive visuals (day's adventure)
3. Drag-n-drop while reading a rhyme
4. Role-play with imaginary characters and props
5. White board (write a letter, word chunk, or sight word)

Build speech confidence skills while reading:
1. Give time for each child to speak up about the rhyme... For example ask: "Is that funny?"
2. Active listening and reinforcement by instructor... For example ask: "Why do you not like the bird?"
3. Role-play to develop empathy... For example ask: "Why is the duck, monster, friend scared?"
4. Encourage child to initiate / respond / follow-up in a conversation... For example ask: "What do you think will happen next?"
5. Encourage opinions and creative thoughts... For example ask: "Is the frog happy or sad?"

How we build reading skills:
1. Read sight words (words read in "one-go" without sounding out individual letters. These are high frequency words.)
2. Recognize silent letters (underline the silent letters)
3. Read word chunks (like: ch, sh, th, wh or "cat" in catch)
4. label vowel team patterns (like: ai, ee, ew) and more...


Sample class 1
TOPIC: Meet Lulu and Minmin in their magical bedrooms and read words!
1. Read the word then search: Where is the main character's pets and lost toys?
2. Read word then tidy up: Tidy-up the bedroom together
3. Read the word then drag-n-drop to the correct window: What is the weather outside?
4. Read 4-7 word sentences that rhyme!!

Sample class 2
TOPIC: Let's sneak to the kitchen and read words!
1. Read the word then select what is in the fridge
2. Read the word then decorate the cake with fruits and flowers
3. Read the color then move the balloon on the ceiling.
4. Read 4-7 word sentences that rhyme!!

This is an inclusive class for learners to meet one another and make friends -- everyone is welcome!

Try us out now! We won't let you down.


🔴 One-person class $29 USD/25 Minutes 

🔴 Two-person class $24 USD/25 Minutes per person

🔴 Three-person class $19 USD/25 Minutes per person

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